Update from the Potting Shed.

After the first week in proper stay-at-home lockdown I have lost track of which day it is. The Potting Shed Paddle Factory has produced three paddles, there has also been a boat survey, one magazine article for WaterCraft magazine and another article commission from Classic Boat magazine. Plus, some stuff to do for the Wooden Boat Builders Trade Association which, for my sins, I am the chairman.

The Paddle Factory is a 35 foot commute across our lawn, first of all I have to turf out the bicycle and the lawn mower to make room, then turn on the radio and sharpen the tools ready to attack another paddle blank. BBC Radio 4 is a mixed blessing these days as I could become immune to the almost constant terrible Covid19 news, but I want to know what is going on and keep a balance on my own fortunate situation compared to others in the world.

As the workshop fills with a tumble weed of curly wood shavings and a fine layer of dust covers everything the day disappears, I only notice the afternoon when the sun moves around and the shed gets a bit too warm, then it’s time to wheel the bike and mower back in and shut the door on the day.

Keep safe and well everyone.