News from The Potting Shed

Its Friday and the week has gone. Paddle production slowed to 2 paddles this week as there have been some other tasks to occupy me. Classic Boat Magazine wanted a piece on painting and varnishing from me that required a visit to my proper workshop at The Sylva Foundation to take a few photographs of paint brushes etc. The challenge of trying to explain how to do things that I normally take for granted had me tying myself in knots at the computer screen, but it has gone off to the editor and life can move on.

The next big project is not a boat or another paddle but a table for our great friends Hen and Charles. Tables have cropped up in my life before but this one needs to be really special, the design has been going around in my head for quite a while and I was heading up a blind alley with a complex leg frame involving some really difficult steam bending. Something clicked and I realised I could still get my subtle curvy shapes with a simple frame and have a far more practical table for lots of people to sit around to enjoy good company and good food. I have made a little model to see if it works.