Potting shed paddle factory.

Strange times in an already changing world.
Up until now I have been working away in my workshop at The Sylva Foundation, alone apart from my fellow Sylva tenants in other parts of the building. But last week I came to the conclusion that no amount of hand washing and social distancing was really going to justify a risk I didn’t really have to take. So, I cut out a pile of canoe paddle blanks, loaded up a bench and tools, and headed home to set up my paddle factory in our potting shed.
I have three sizes of my own beaver-tail paddle design, they will all have a bit of fine detail and are carved out of one piece of Ash. Until I can go and select timber again the paddles are going to be in Ash, which looks great, is good and strong and carves well. My hollowed blade pattern with a central spine reduces the overall weight dramatically and gives the paddle a bit of style.
These are beautiful and functional paddles that you could use all day and hang on your wall to admire, so let me know if would like to buy one. The prices range from £270 to £240 depending on the size plus some postage and packing.