Autumn watch.

Summer has been and gone but it was an extraordinary time on the river. Many people discovered the Thames as a beautiful place that snakes its way through the countryside, somewhere they could relax and explore away from risk and government imposed restrictions.

All this new found river activity kept me busy surveying boats for hopeful buyers. Now the clocks have gone back boat sales are slowing down and my time is better spent in my workshop.

The motor canoe “Lady Emma” is back for a few tweeks and improvements before she goes into storage at Henwood and Dean Boatbuilders until next spring.

Its not all boats, my sister has brought in a fan blade from a huge Rolls Royce jet engine, it needs to be mounted on some sort of plinth or pedestal, sculptural-like and a proud reminder of her days as a 747 captain.

I am never far away from a canoe paddle. The latest commission is a pair of paddles which are at the finishing stage. The wonderful Christine from Mary’s Chairs has just delivered a batch of beautiful paddle bags in all sizes ready for the, hoped for, Christmas rush! The pizza peel might be the next best thing so I am making one for a new delicatessen in Henley to see if there is any interest.

The latest lockdown has put paid to my next paddle course but there are two booked for the New Year which I really hope can go ahead safely.